Coconut Husk Chips

Small fragments which increase substrate life span

Coarse structure substrate. Coconut husk chips are small fragments of coconut husk which have excellent properties and great durability and can be used by themselves or mixed and which increase substrate life span.

Advantages of Coconut Husk Chips

Increase in substrate life span.
Excellent aeration and drainage properties.
High capacity of water retention.
Progressive retention and liberation of nutrients.
Resistance to bacteria and fungi growth.
Stimulation of flowering and growth of new roots.
Prevention of weed growth.
100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

Uses of Coconut Husk Chips



100 l. (20-25 kg.) bulk 100% natural coconut husk chips.

Technical Data Sheet (Click to open/close)
RAW MATERIAL100% coconut husk chips
GRANULOMETRY2 – 8 mm (small)
8 – 12 mm (medium)
8 – 18 mm (big)
Organic carbon34.8%
Calcium4.40 mg/l
Magnesium1.20 mg/l
Potassium70 mg/l
Sodium31.5 mg/l
Zinc0.030 mg/l
Iron0.60 mg/l
Boron0.023 meq/l
PACKAGING100 l. (20-25 kg.) bulk
Analysis6.2 – 6.61mS/m
Saturated paste5.7 – 6.21.2 -1.6 mS/cm
Bulk density0.06 g/cm3Low
Actual density1.55 g/cm3Medium
Solid material5%Low
Total porosity95%High
Thickness index20-35%Medium-Low
Aeration capacity35-50%High
Easily assimilated water15-25%Medium-Low
Reserve water5-15%Medium-Low
Water difficult to assimilate20-35%High
Moisture in packaging18% aprox.Medium

Qualities of our product:
We assure the highest quality.
We adjust it to your needs.
No borders
We ship anywhere in the world.
100% Natural
Biodegradable and compostable.
Eco washed
Using harvested rainwater.
Sun dried
Without burning fossil fuels.
Presentation: 100 l. (20-25 kg.) bulk