We are Ecolfibras

The coconut husk by-product producer and marketer with the greatest capacity in Colombian territory, with 6,000 meters of drying greenhouses.

What we do

We develop 100% natural, renewable and eco friendly coconut husk products for the agricultural, livestock, mattress manufacturing and automobile industries.

We care for the environment and contribute to the well-being of hundreds of families located in Uraba.

Strategic location

We are located in San Juan de Uraba, Colombia, on the Caribbean coast. In this coconut producing municipality, we obtain our main raw material in abundance.

Only 4 hours away is the Panama Canal, where we can ship our products to anywhere in the world.

Commitment to the environment

We promote the integral use of natural resources and we help reduce pollution in the region as we recycle the coconut husks, previously burnt or thrown out to the sea by the farmers, by transforming them into products of great utility for a variety of industries through environmentally responsible processes.

Coconut husk thrown out by local farmers about to be recycled in our facilities.

Social responsibility

Ecolfibras is one of the main sources of employment in the area of Uraba. In addition to creating direct and dignified employment, we benefit our supply chain by buying the coconut husk that used to be thrown out, transforming it into an additional income.

In this way we contribute to the well-being of local families and to the economical development of one of the most vulnerable and socially troubled areas of Colombia.

Recognition and Awards

Antojate de ANTIOQUIA Award

Is awarded by the government to the companies that strengthen productivity, economical development, commercialization and innovation the most within the field of products and services in Antioquia, Colombia.

Ecolfibras received this award thanks to its commitment to innovation both in its processes and its products.

EKCOPREMIOS by Kimberly Clark

This is an iniciative by Kimberly Clark Professional Colombia created to award the most outstanding environmental practices of colombian companies.

Ecolfibras received an Honorable Mention for its manner of confronting and solving the environmental problem of coconut shell disposal.

In numbers

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Some of our clients

Leading brands choose us because of our quality and service.

When a company trusts Ecolfibers, it finds a reason to stay. That's why so many of our clients have been working with us for 15 years or more.